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ul. Waksmunadzka 220
34-400 Nowy Targ

tel.: +48 18 264 14 30
fax: +48 18 266 69 08
tel. kom.: 0 607 194 027



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About us

Polimer company is on the market since 1980.
We specialize in production of small and medium size plastic elements.
We started by manufacturing plastic buttons for work uniforms.


Since then our company diversified the production and gradually introduced new designs and products.


Todays offer:

Nowadays we manufacture items for various industries like: tourism, advertisement gadgets, clothing accessories, caps, flags, banners and other. In addition to our main line of production we also specialise in injection services on demand. We cooperate with many other companies for whom we manufacture plastic elements based on custom designs. We are able to produce unlimited amount of items using different raw plastic materials. We offer products in base colours, other colours are available on demand but only above 5 000 pcs. With our extensive experience and modern technology used for production, we are able to offer competitive prices, short terms of delivery, and all of this with the best quality. We can offer our customers the assistance in designing and manufacturing of they designed products.


We are looking forward to hear from you.